The Fraud Fusion Taskforce probes $1 billion worth of NDIS payments within its inaugural year of operation.

The Australian Government’s commitment to combatting fraud is playing a crucial role in safeguarding funding for individuals with disabilities and securing the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) from substantial financial losses, as stated by NDIS Minister Bill Shorten MP.

The Fraud Fusion Taskforce (FFT), which was established a year ago, has made substantial strides in enhancing the government’s ability to prevent and respond to fraudulent activities targeting the NDIS. This task force, jointly led by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and Services Australia, comprises 16 government agencies collaborating to prevent criminals from attempting to defraud the groundbreaking NDIS, which offers life-changing assistance to hundreds of thousands of Australians with disabilities. Through proactive prevention and detection strategies, Services Australia is actively targeting criminal entities attempting to exploit government disbursements.

Recent FFT data as of October 31st reveals the following:

  • $356.5 million NDIS payments are under investigation.
  • There are 43 active NDIS fraud cases, an increase from 28 in September 2021, with an estimated fraud value of $35 million.
  • There are 18 ongoing NDIS prosecutions with an alleged fraud value of $18.3 million.
  • The NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission has taken 92 compliance actions against providers and individuals, including issuing 43 banning orders.
  • Services Australia is conducting 35 active investigations as part of the Fraud Fusion Taskforce.
  • In the most recent fiscal year, 17,207 tip-offs were received, a 78% increase from the previous year, indicating a heightened awareness and conversation surrounding the issue of fraud within the NDIS.

Minister Shorten highlighted the Taskforce’s successful efforts in investigating over 100 cases involving $1 billion in NDIS funding and noted there was a surge in investigations, prosecutions, and actions against providers, including bans and compliance notices. He stressed the importance of interagency information sharing to combat serious and organised criminal networks, identify unethical behaviour patterns, and fortify the NDIS Scheme’s integrity for the future. Minister Shorten reiterated the government’s commitment to combating NDIS fraud and warned potential exploiters of severe consequences.

To read more about The Fraud Fusion Taskforce investigation and the key highlights from the taskforce’s recent cases.

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