Our automated, intelligent invoice creation service.

Streamline takes the pain out of manual invoice data entry.  

Invoices can either be emailed or drag/dropped directly in to Streamline.  Once the invoice data is captured its processed against the Client’s budget in Careview.  If there is adequate funding the new invoice is created with the original invoice attached, ready for you to check and approve. 

All of this happens seamlessly within Careview, significantly reducing manual data entry.

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Streamline Benefits

  • AI-Powered Data Extraction that puts your invoices into Careview in seconds
  • Reduce errors originating from data entry
  • Improve your SLAs and payment turnaround times
  • Spend less time entering invoices, allowing you and your team to focus more on what matters
  • An accuracy rate of 90%, across all types of invoices
  • Average extraction time of under 5 seconds
  • Market-leading accuracy on NDIS fields
  • On-going improvements from our self-learning model – no templates and re-work required.

Hear from a happy customer ...

Access Your Supports began using Careview in August 2019, and in February 2022, we decided to try using the Streamline system, which is an add on to the Careview program.

What we have found is beyond our expectations, and we now use it exclusively for processing 99% of our plan management invoices. It has dramatically increased the amount of invoices we process per month whilst reducing the number of errors by cross-checking the provider name and ABN, which is so helpful given there are a lot of providers with very similar names and human error can abound.

The Streamline system makes short work of invoice entry and automatically attaches the invoice, which means we don’t have to search an external drive for an invoice if needed. It makes the process so much more seamless, and there is no downside. 

Streamline has been a game-changer for us, and AYS highly recommends it.