An Ultimate Guide to NDIS Plan Management Software

What is NDIS plan management software?

NDIS plan management software is technology that is specifically designed to meet the changing needs of the NDIS. The key advantage of NDIS plan management software is that it is compatible with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Overall, it assists NDIS plan managers in managing service provider invoicing against approved NDIS participant budgets, streamlining invoice processing, and simplifying areas such as NDIA claiming and bulk payments.

When it comes to selecting NDIS plan management software, what should you look for?

When selecting NDIS plan management software, look for the following features:

  • It should be well designed and easy for your employees to understand and use
  • It should have real-time integration with current and historical NDIS price guides
  • Invoice OCR capability to streamline invoice data entry
  • Ability to generate bulk NDIS claims
  • Ability to process bulk service provider payments
  • Ability to generate automated monthly reports for your NDIS participants
  • Provides access for your NDIS participants to view/approve their invoices and check their funding
  • Ability to provide read-only access to support coordinators that are working with your NDIS participants
  • Ability to quarantine NDIS funding against specific service provider budgets.

What are the benefits of using NDIS plan management software?

Many time-consuming activities, such as invoice entry and NDIS claim requests, can be streamlined with an efficient NDIS plan management system. Any plan manager would profit from this end-to-end solution.

Some of the benefits of using NDIS plan management software are:

  • Reducing Administration Time: A well-designed system will reduce administration time, such as invoice data entry, enabling your staff to focus on high-value activities.
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction: You can spend more time focusing on meeting the needs of your NDIS participants.
  • Greater Team Collaboration: The NDIS plan management software system has the advantage of being a central location where your team can quickly access relevant information about each NDIS participant that you are working with.

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