Take the reins and Streamline your invoicing process

Streamline your invoicing process

Problem: More time is spent processing invoices into Careview, allowing little time for other essential tasks. 

Solution: Careview Streamline takes the pain out of manual invoice data entry and frees up your time, allowing you to focus on the bigger picture.

Have you got an invoicing problem? We have the solution to help Careview NDIS participants keep up with invoicing!

Here are the three benefits of Careview Streamline, our AI-driven document generation service. 

Fast Processing

Unlike manual invoicing, invoices can either be emailed or dragged/dropped directly into Streamline. Once the invoice data is captured, it’s processed against the client’s budget in Careview. If there is adequate funding, the new invoice is created with the original invoice attached, ready for you to check and approve. The invoices flow straight to the computer with an average extraction time of under 5 seconds! This enables you to do other important things like talking to clients and growing your business. 

Cost Effective 

Without an automated approach to invoicing, error rates can climb, driving up processing costs and, of course, having to deal with a never-ending pile of invoices and possibly losing track. Careview Streamline reduces errors originating from data entry and has an accuracy rate of 90% across all types of invoices. So, you don’t need to worry about possible mistakes and the possibility of delayed payment turnaround times. 


Too many invoicing systems can lead to inefficiencies and increase the risks of errors. With Streamline, you can quickly check invoices for claiming or client approval. Careview Streamline has ongoing improvements from our self-learning model – no templates and re-work required. And reduces administration time by over 50% – you can now be on top of your invoicing! Also, Careview Streamline never gets sick or takes a holiday!

Just hear from one of our happy customers…

“What we have found is beyond our expectations, and we now use it [Careview Streamline] exclusively for processing 99% of our plan management invoices. It has dramatically increased the amount of invoices we process per month whilst reducing the number of errors by cross-checking the provider name and ABN, which is so helpful given there are a lot of providers with very similar names and human error can abound.”

– Claire Brown | Finance & Admin 

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So, what are you waiting for? Book your demo today! At Careview, we aim to help you work smarter, not harder. Our software has been created for easy use and to better how you work with the NDIS.