Super-charge your plan management service with Streamline


Introducing Streamline, Careview’s automated, intelligent invoice creation service. 

Streamline is an artificial-intelligence powered data extraction tool that processes your invoices into Careview in seconds, keeping you on top of your never-ending pile of invoices without losing track. With Streamline, you won’t spend all day entering invoices; you just need to give them a quick check before they’re ready for claiming or client approval. 

What are the benefits of Careview Streamline?

  • Reduces errors originating from data entry
  • Improves your SLAs and payment turnaround times
  • Allows you to spend less time entering invoices, so you and your team focus more on what matters
  • Has an accuracy rate of 90% across all types of invoices
  • Has an average extraction time of under 5 seconds
  • Has market-leading accuracy in National Disability Insurance Scheme fields
  • Has ongoing improvements from our self-learning model – no templates and re-work required
  • Reduce administration time by over 50%.

How does Careview Streamline work? 

Streamline takes the pain out of manual invoice data entry, by allowing you to easily email or drag and drop invoices directly into Streamline. Once the invoice data is captured, it’s processed against the client’s budget in Careview. If there is adequate funding, the new invoice is created with the original invoice attached, ready for you to check and approve. All of this happens seamlessly within Careview, significantly reducing manual data entry.

Our Streamline system is fast, cost-effective and user-friendly, freeing up your time to focus on essential things like talking to your clients and growing your business.

Contact our friendly team today to discuss how we can assist you with Careview Streamline to work smarter not harder.

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