Lumary turning over a new leaf for a brighter future


In an ever-changing market, we have seen significant growth and a greater need for NDIS software over the last year now more than ever. However, with more and more services joining the market, staying on top of industry trends and offering a point of difference that’s more than being a tech supplier is key to thriving in the disability sector.

Since Careview launched in 2018 over 600 organisations have joined our customer community, with over 115,000 NDIS participants being supported. But enough from us, here’s what our clients have had to say. We are proud to say we have become an industry leader in NDIS management software. We believe in creating simple, cloud-based software that keeps client information at your fingertips. Time and time again we remain dedicated to being flexible and agile in supporting a diverse range of organisations.

However, in this ever-changing industry, our highly respected competitor Lumary is to divest from the Plan Management software market and has had to make the difficult decision to discontinue Lumary PM solution, effective as of the 31st of August 2022. 

Ongoing changes to the NDIS and aged care reform have also been challenging for Lumary in relation to updating and continually improving the Lumary PM technology. Without significant and continued investment, Lumary PM will no longer be equipped to meet the needs of plan managers and their participants in the future.

Careview wants to reassure our customers of our long-term commitment to them as well as our continued commitment to investing in the platform we truly believe in. At Careview, we are committed to delivering better care management outcomes for our customers through our core product and outstanding support service.

If you’d like to learn more about our Careview services or you would like to start your plan management journey for your organisation, reach out to our team today to see how we can help you.

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