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data protection

At Careview, we are committed to data protection and delivering safe care management outcomes. We selected Microsoft as our cloud security partner because they’re a global leader in software, on-demand cloud computing and cyber security technologies. The Microsoft portfolio is an adaptable cloud service that helps businesses achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and store multiple copies of data, protecting it from planned and unplanned events. 

We invest heavily through our partnership with Microsoft because the cloud service is secure and protects sensitive customer data. Partnering with Azure, we take advantage of its wide array of data protection tools and capabilities, including infrastructure security, encryption and SQL database security.

Infrastructure Security

Azure runs in geographically dispersed data centres managed and operated by Microsoft. The Australian-based data centres are in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra and comply with essential industry standards for security and reliability. Microsoft Azure also includes geo-redundant storage (GRS). GRS copies data synchronously three times within a primary physical location using locally-redundant storage. The system then copies information asynchronously to another secondary physical location, ensuring data is backed up and secure.

Encryption for data protection

With Azure, users can control, customise, and increase the security of applications and services. Azure also supports various encryption models, including server-side and client-side encryption, enabling users to manage data on-premise or in other secure locations. Encryption runs at rest and during transit and automatically encrypts data before it is stored and decrypts data automatically when retrieved. This is an efficient process that gives users peace of mind when dealing with sensitive information. 

SQL Database Security

To help with customer data protection, Azure also secures data through SQL authentication. SQL security encrypts data and requires authorization, protecting data from theft, destruction, and other malicious behaviour. Azure also has a service level agreement of 99.99% – which equates to 52 minutes and 36 seconds of downtime annually! The cloud service is also monitored by a Microsoft operations team 24/7 and is available in all local data centres, so users can be guaranteed data security.

So are you interested in utilising Microsoft Azure? When you sign up to Careview, you’re also signing up to use the benefits of the world’s most secure cloud infrastructure platform, Microsoft Azure. At Careview, we aim to help you work smarter, not harder. Contact our friendly team to discuss how we can assist you!

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